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GPS Locator

GPS Locator: "This program allows you to turn your phone into a real satellite tracking in real time allowing you to
follow every movement of the vehicle in which you placed your phone through Google Earth or through the
Web module developed for the localization and export of routes stored . The system also allows the
sending of text messages and voice messages made available in a few seconds the user terminal.

Below is a list of the key features provided by the system:

- Real time display of the medium through Google Earth or Back Office WEB form that allows the
location of the vehicle from any computer with internet connection and a web browser. (Ideal when
you are on vacation or do not have a PC on which to install Google Earth)

- Export of movement by half in KML (Google Earth) and CSV (Excel and data processing systems)
divided by days in a single month.

- Sending voice and text messages to the remote terminal which will make them available to you in

- Tracking point by point to each GPS survey map showing the detail of the vehicle position at a
specific point in time, details on speed, altitude.

- View the entire path even when the vehicle stopped.

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