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Thank you all for being Year End 2018 active Facebook liker also hope that all of you are doing well and along with this requesting all to stay closer by liking,commenting,sharing and asking.
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Calling for cooperation on the occasion of upcoming SEO trends | 2019

seo trends 2019 draft paperIf you have any authentic prophecy aiming to do or not to do for upcoming 2019 SEO then notice me please so that, We can work on it together and I announced yesterday here on LinkedIn- Preparing an article by covering SEO . Am SEO Consultant Momenul Ahmad preparing an article to publish on on my digital marketing blog and at now almost 50% completed so what you say?
1- Am joining.
2- Am not.
Thank You
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Technical: SEO which is my passion and along with I love to play with Search Engine,CMS,CRM,SM,Content Writing,Re-writing,Keywords Researches,Community, Forum, Group, Blogging,YouTube also I love to calculate ROI and like to analysis data with Google Analytics and always look up on CMS integrated analytical tools which help me to gain leads. I am skilled with major search engine webmaster portal Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex , DuckDuckGo. 

I love digital trend, I live with digital trend.Personal: Punctual, Sincere, Honest, Win-Win in attitude and Sacrifice Minded Folks. Ethic: Believe in quality tasks, Not in quantity tasks.
Restless SEO Professional ( International & Local SEO with On Page & Off Page ),Digital Manager ,Social Media Manager ,Brand Promoter ,Web Site Admin,,Account Manager,Customer Care.I am capable to Handel:* Content management for Social media.* SEO (search engine optimization) and generation of inbound traffic* Amazon,, Macy's, Walmart & Alibaba, Price line, Ebay, Otto group and Rakuten Marketer. * Identify and improve organizational development aspects that would improve content* Create a regular publishing schedule.* Implement a content editorial calendar to manage content and plan specific, timely marketing campaigns.* Promote content through social advertising* Develop relevant content topics to reach the company's target customers.* Set benchmarks, best practice and goals to Monitor, listen and respond to users in a Social way while cultivating leads and sales.* Develop and expand community and/or influencer outreach efforts.* Oversee design (i.e.Facebook Timeline cover, profile picture, thumbnails, ads, landing pages, Twitter profile, Blog, etc.).* Design, create and manage CRM (if support) promotions and Social ad campaigns.* Manage efforts in building online reviews and reputation.* Analyze key CRM and SM metrics and tweak strategy as needed.* Compile reports for management showing results (ROI).

By patient I am SEOs (SEO),Webmaster,Web Devs and Online Marketing(Digital Marketing) Professional . Here is our Digital Marketing Service Proposal

Watch about Google's manager behaviors

Google set out to determine what makes a manager great at Google. But first, a research team tried to prove the opposite: that managers actually don’t matter, that the quality of a manager didn’t impact a team’s performance. This hypothesis was based on an early belief held by some of Google’s leaders and engineers that managers are, at best, a necessary evil, and at worst, a layer of bureaucracy. The team defined manager quality based on two quantitative measures: manager performance ratings and manager feedback from Google’s annual employee survey. This data quickly revealed that managers did matter: teams with great managers were happier and more productive. But knowing that managers mattered didn’t explain what made managers great. So the team asked employees about their managers. By going through the comments from the annual employee survey and performance evaluations, the team found ten common behaviors across high-scoring managers. The researchers also conducted double blind interviews with a group of the best and worst managers to find illustrative examples of what these two groups were doing differently.

Special Thanks To re:Work Am SEO Consultant Momenul Ahmad SEO,SEO Copywriting,SMM,SEM,SMO,Marketing,Content Marketer,Web Trafficker @ I help biz's To Gen Lead & Love Social Networking.
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Search Engine Optimization Stop Words

Most Search Engines do not consider extremely common words in order to save disk space or to speed up search results. These filtered words are known as ‘Stop Words’.SEO Stop Words video will help you to find the English comprehensive list of stop words are Ignored by Search Engines.When to use SEO stop words and when not to You can use these stop words freely in the text or body of your article. Our writing would not make much sense without the use of these words, and thus it is allowed within your writing.You just want to be careful not to use them close to your keywords. There are also some rules to be aware of when it comes to using SEO stop words. You do not want to use it in any of the following elements.
Anchor Texts
Header Texts
Meta Titles
Meta Keywords

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Searches for search engine optimization 2018|Complete SEO Trends

Am not just welcoming your hard core plan to celebrate upcoming 2019 but also going to expose the path of steadfast “SEO” search trends in search engine optimization over the year of 2018. Past for accomplish future- What happen, When you step forward to high?
2018 Year in search for search engine optimization
Momenul Ahmad is the owner of The SEOSiri. SEO,SEO Copywriting,SMM,SEM,SMO,Marketing,Content Marketer @seosiri,One who help biz’s To Gen Lead & Love Social Networking.Online marketing and advertising expertise famed and named him as a “SEO Consultant Momenul Ahmad.”
Gradually, You Depend on your leg to step forward yourself from below to high, thus, the same way you have to analysis past digital marketing search trends for getting the best of most outcomes in search engine result pages also for growing the best strategic ROI in upcoming 2019 online business marketing success.
1- Interest over time- December 3,2017- November 30,2018.
2- Interest by region- High search volume region was 70 includes-
3- United Arab Emirates (18)
3- Interest by city- 13 city’s were most active search location-
4- Related top topics- 25 search terms relevant top topics was-
1- Search Engine Optimization- List
2- Web Search Engine- Software Type
3- Mathematical Optimization- Topic
4- Search Engine- Computing
5- Marketing- Field of Study
6- Company- Organization Type
7- Website- Topic
8- Service- Topic
9- Software- Software Grouping
10- Business- Topic
11- Index Term- Topic
12- Tool- Topic
13- Analysis- Topic
14- Ranking- Topic
15- Search Engine Marketing- Topic
16- Digital Marketing- Topic
17- Advertising- Topic
18- Management- Academic Discipline
19- Digital Data- Topic
20- Web Design- Discipline
21- Consultant- Project Role
22- Content- Media
23- Online Advertising- Topic
24- Program Optimization- Topic
25- Competitor Analysis- Topic
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Momenul Ahmad
Momenul Ahmad is the owner of The  #SEO #SEOCopywriting #SMM #SEM #SMO #Marketing #ContentMarketer @seosiri, One who help biz’s To Gen Lead & Love Social Networking #OnlineMarketing and advertising expertise famed and named him as a “SEO Consultant Momenul Ahmad.”

When you have published a Long Form Content for search engine boots, humans by applying search engine optimization tactics from learned SEO Tips and Tricks and never had a thought in mind of republish / article import that’s written up article, Which at a time an “old is gold one”, As like as Dad’s Swiss Wrist Watch that’s push you to wear it again and again thus the same way in previously written a viral piece of content , Which one hook up your audiences to read this frequently .
When you feel you are loser.
At the time of site migration or time of importing content from #CMS then most of online publisher’s, author’s, blogger’s are generally felt helpless due to lacking knowledge of content republishing Technics .

Success in the doorway.
I’m here for happier your time and not just this along with this I will help you to relief your content republishing pain just a few steps by a few minutes.
Here are the secret SEO tips of content republishing.
1. Go to your old blog.
2. Get the help from Issuu.
3. Embedding the publication.
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