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Top three secret key trigger mechanism in Content Marketing success

Content Marketing Success depend on three key trigger secret mechanism as of Content Ability , Content Visibility and Content Scalability. A buzzword is Content Marketing,Which is Online Medium base Online Marketing Hoth so in this seance and getting more then "Content" from your expectation "Content Marketing" please practice as I described here - When you are creating a content for Content Marketing purpose then you must should focus on create an Eye Catching Content layout , Content Template whether it's for Email Marketing ,Websites or Blog in Easy Navigation ,Images ,Videos , PDF, Podcast, Webinars, Whitepapers , Live Videos and Live Online Events or others documents should be Easy Convertible,Accessible and Article should be descriptive but written in short length considering quality SEO content ( Search Engine Optimized Content ) .
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Content never been automated , it's to be create here in below am suggesting some of ideal 
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FOR RESEARCHERS | N#1 secret key trigger mechanism is
                                         Content Ability- Directly indicate to
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