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What Services Proposal I offer in Digital Marketing ?

As an independent and full time International Digital Marketer, I serve and solve various types of Digital Marketing terms in favor of my client's,Companies and I do this as basis 
on my Services Proposal , Which I actually offer on Digital Marketing.
SERPs of SEO Siri


Proposed services of mine:-
Traditional Business Transformation Consultancy 
Curating Digitally Transformed Business 
Public Speaking , Training
Domain Name Suggestion
* Domain Name Registration
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Social Media Marketing Success and Social Media Intelligence

In this Social Media age proving Social Media Intelligence is must to be success in Social Media Marketing but How to prove it that You and Your brand has Social Media Intelligence, Which Maturity Score levels are superb and embedded on golden bar.
Social Media Intelligence Maturity Score of Momenul Ahmad's Website

 " Without Social Media Intelligence knowledge , Analyzing Social Media Data is valueless" 
SEO Consultant Momenul Ahmad

What is Social Media Intelligence Maturity Score ?

Social Media Intelligence Maturity Score is a knowledge & investigation base scoring system, Where online tools and your personal Social Media Expertise measures your brand success rate across on the Social Media . There are 5 key
measuring factors of Social Media Intelligence Maturity Score Report or test as -

1- Intelligence Strategy : How effective a business's analysis of Social Data is at driving decisions.

2- Program Scope : The size and reach of the Social Media intelligence program.

3- Scale of Data : How broad a business analysis is and How much data it collects?

4- Program Governance : The program's structure and level of communication.

5- Applications : How many unique ways an organization is applying Social Data to support their business?

Social Media Intelligence Maturity Score Measuring levels are specially 5 those are categorize in below with numbering  as -

1- Exploring = (0 to 35).
2 - Emerging = (35 to 60). 
3- Formalizing = (60 to 80).
4-Integrating = (80 to 95).

5- Embedded  = (95 to 100) My  SEE ABOVE IMAGE THANKS MOMENUL HERE IS YOUR Social Media Intelligence Maturity Score and also see on left lower corner below section of this social media maturity score card , Where you will see my company name SEOSiri . 
LEAR IN DEPTH TO KNOW DETAILS ABOUT social intelligence maturity score 

Winning Tactics For share buttons

What is Share Buttons?

Share Buttons are buttons , Which consist of some specific icon by which, Someone interact with Share Buttons to share something with others or elsewhere in virtually. +SEO Consultant .

How does Share Buttons work?


I called Social share Button as a ACTION BUTTON and causes is by sharing, We usually express our feelings with content owner and us that ,We like this and along with this sharing a piece of content on our profile we preserve this for ourselves and help our followers and others to enjoy this content .If a content in well written than that content achieve lots of share in a hour or in a day by which a publisher or content owner inspire himself to improve his content .
Now a days Social Share Buttons else and everywhere from a Website to an Apps and it's show your content acceptance and help to grow your content engagement. 
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Where from I can get Share Buttons ?

You can get it from Social Media Plugin (Facebook,LinkedIn,Twitter,Instagram,Pinterest,Content Management Systems(WordPress-Simple Share Buttons a WordPress plug in and rating 4.4 out of 5),Blogger) and Share Buttons Providers as seen below list  of  Share Buttons Providers 

Social Share Buttons list-

Add This
Share This
Simple Share Buttons
Too know More Learn In Depth On The Main Winning Tactics For share buttons
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