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To conquer of competitors websites online market share dominates this predictive  SEO best practices checklist to rank of a content on search engine result pages (SERP) and be the fittest yourself on search engine optimization survival playground against of your competitor, also for search engine. As we know that, this world is for survival of the fittest and thus the same way online marketing world for search engine industry leaders, So what! Never break the hope, I specially prepared for you by researching search engine optimization predictions from leading digital marketing websites, top business magazine and search industry experts. In this research period, 

SEO Prediction Checklist source url https://www.seosiri.com/2019/01/seo-prediction-checklist.htmlWhat I have learned?

What I have discovered?

Be patience and come across with me over this long form SEO prediction (Liked by Go Daddy) checklist to know the combine SEO guide for future SEO also to overcome search engine market share in the organic and paid search. 

Why we need to focus on search engine optimization?

Let's discover Search Engines atmosphere before focusing on Search Engine Optimization Forecast, As-What is the predicted SEO market value?

What are the actual statistics of SEO Cost and Search Engine Market Share?

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According to Forbes by 2020 Search Engine Optimization cost will be $ 80 billion in the United States and another statistics for Search Engine Market Share by StatCounter (web traffic analyzer) stated that year in search for 2018 and 2017, Search Engines Market Share Worldwide was:

1- Google            = 92.21% 

2- bing                 = 2.39%

3- Yahoo              = 2.13%

4- Baidu               = 1.01% ( In China 76.05% )

5- YANDEX RU = 0.63%  ( In Russia 55% )

6- YANDEX        = 0.48%

Smart Insights issued another data source expressing that, AOL, duckduckgo and Ask all of obtained less than 1% search industry market share.That's mean this powerful message pushing SEOs and Brand's to dive themselves in the search engine ocean to overcome content strategy by following this head SEO Technics and prime online marketing website's SEO forecasting checklist, Which I specially prepared and unveiled all of predictive SEO features for you at below as,

1. Search Engine Journal:

SEO, Search Marketing News, Tutorials and Marketer Community based this site's featured SEOs are suggested,

1- Understanding audiences and user intent.

2- Go beyond Google search.

3- Structured data markup. 

4- Creating exceptional content.

5- Focusing on E-A-T ( Expertise-Authority-Trustworthy ).

6- Investing in technical SEO.

7- On-Page optimization workup.

8- Assuring search feedback for voice search.     

9- Staying up to date with machine learning.

10- Optimizing content for Google SERP latest features and for featured snippets.

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