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How to create an effective Refund / Return Policy ?

Yes of course , it's not a rocket science. To create an effective

Written By
Momenul Ahmad

refund / return policy for your business or professional services

site just read and follow instruction . If you feel it's tough yet it's 

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I applied this Refund Policy Generator on many of my client sites include

ecommerce , small business, general and technical services related site,

There are various types of refund/return policy,generally it's differ for

business type.Each refund policy are different from one another. 

Top Three Organic search result of ecommerce refund policy [google]

  1. bigcommerce
  2. termsfeed
  3. commercehub

Modified Refund Policy Example Copy

STEP ONE : Type on google search Refund Policy Generator after that

you will see something like below image there from click on Shopify 

Refund Policy Generator  then you will redirect free return policy generator

page [ my recommendation ]but you may choice different one.

I will suggest you to follow my recommendation , if you do that,

you need not to extra work,here is complete direction .

FIRST STEP: Type search terms on search engine.

refund policy

SECOND STEP: Click on image to go signup page

THIRD STEP: Complete this section and carefully enter email ID
which have access,it's important they will send you a copy to your inbox.

sign up refund policy

FOURTH STEP: Open provided email and click on link .

ready refund policy

FIFTH STEP:Select [ctrl+a] and Copy [ctrl+c] or click on Copy
On Clipboard and paste [ctrl+v] this refund  policy on your web
property where you want to place .

complete refund policy

Next Step  

You have to change the key features as per your services items ,
goods and type of product.If match then no need to modify , 
all job done now you can publish.

Also you can't avoid giant ecommerce company return / refund policy

ebay Money Back Guarantee
Amazon Returns & Refunds

The Importance of a Good Return Policy

Types of Return Polices are :

1- Exchange Only2- Store Credit 3- All Sales Final 4- Complete Refund

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Blogger Blog reveal four types templates include 20 variants .

To see blogger blog new four types and 20 variant templates go to your dashboard and click on theme section or blogger will show you a new theme arrival message ,where you will see those templates are-
Written By
Momenul Ahmad
1-Contempo : Light,Dark,Pink,Aqua,Flamingo
2-Soho :         Light,Dark,Neon,Pink,Red
3-Emporio :    Porcelain,Toolbox, Apron,Technica,Flamingo
4-Notable :     Light,Coral,Dracula,Pink,Antique

To see variants :

Contempo (New)

Contempo, Light

Contempo, Dark

Contempo, Pink

Contempo, Aqua

Contempo, Flamingo
Soho (New)

Soho, Light

Soho, Dark

Soho, Neon

Soho, Pink

Soho, Red
Emporio (New)

Emporio, Porcelain

Emporio, Toolbox

Emporio, Apron

Emporio, Technica

Emporio, Flamingo
Notable (New)

Notable, Light

Notable, Coral

Notable, Dracula

Notable, Pink

Notable, Antique

Image source:blogger

Each obtained 5 variants to preview or apply click on image , it will popover and open on site with your live blog to see another variants click on next ( right corner below) for another one next,next,next , if you think yes it's for me than click Apply to Blog or want to customize than click customize.

What to do for customize templates :

After clicking on customize you will redirect to main settings of Blogger Theme Designer section ,on the right side you will see Themes,Background,Advanced [ no need to change for established blog] and Gadget menu - click this menu to arrange all of your existing or non existing widget after see widgets click widget than select and configure as you think.