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Three Secrets of Customer-Centric Search Marketers

Short-term thinking yields short-term results. Google’s Chief Search Evangelist Nicolas Darveau-Garneau has worked with hundreds of leading brands, helping them to rethink their audience targeting strategies and understand the long-term value of their customers.

How much should you invest in marketing to sell a $20 pair of socks?
It’s a textbook marketing question, and the classic answer is based on Return On Ad Spend (ROAS). If your ROAS is 4:1, then you can spend up to $5 to win the sale.

But what if that moment isn't really about selling socks but about acquiring a new long-term customer? What if that sock shopper had also been browsing expensive suits on your website and is using an $800 smartphone? How much should you spend to acquire him then?
Customer-centric marketing offers some terrific new ways to understand the potential lifetime value of your customers. Instead of focusing on isolated sales transactions, you can now invest in attracting and retaining the people who will bring your brand the most value in the years to come.Whether large or small, companies that succeed in customer-centric marketing tend to do three things well:
1. They uncover the true value of customersThere is an abundance of signals that can help identify the most valuable customers. Things like zip code, dollar amount of first purchase, and loyalty club sign-ups can all help to predict customer value. The type of phones consumers use, their household income, and the keywords they searched for are also valuable data points.
Begin with a hypothesis for the five to 10 pieces of available data that are most likely to predict customer value for your brand. That could be metrics like time spent on your website or the number of purchases made in a month. Then, by analyzing that data against Customer Lifetime Value (CLV), you can identify which metrics are the best indicators of long-term valuable customers. Voilà: You’ve got your first customer scoring system.  By embracing a customer score, you can begin to better understand the potential future cash flow from each customer. As a result, you can be smarter about how you bid on ads. And that means winning more of the best customers and paying less for lower-value customers.By identifying CLV, you’ll be able to better understand how much profit you are likely to lose if a customer goes to the competition. And that means you can invest the right amount to keep them.
Success story
TurboTax wanted to re-engage its most loyal customers with personalized mobile ads and landing pages that made it easier to log in and file taxes. It usedCustomer Match, which uses first-party data to reach these customers on AdWords.

The result: a 14% higher click-through rate and a 19% higher conversion rate.
2. They apply customer segmentation to digitalA simple CLV analysis can help segment customers by long-term profitability. For example, if users who purchase twice in the first month are three times more profitable than the average customer, then it may be worthwhile to market more aggressively to first-time buyers and encourage that second sale.
Once it’s possible to predict, in a general way, the value of certain customer segments, you can create cohorts of high-value customers—like previous purchasers, newsletter subscribers, rewards members, and in-store shoppers. You can then bid more on valuable segments and less on others.
Using Google’s intent signals, it’s also now possible to find new potential customers who are already looking to buy in your category or who have the same characteristics, interests, and behaviors of profitable existing customers. 
Success story
Fiat Chrysler Automobiles wanted to expand its reach on highly competitive generic search terms―while still reaching qualified customers. It used Similar Audiences, which uses powerful machine learning to find new people who mirror existing customers.The result: 22% more conversions and an 11% higher click-through rate.
3. They pick the right KPIs
Once you’ve identified the lifetime value of customer segments, it makes sense to focus on lifetime profits. Calculate the lifetime profits from a new customer, then deduct the marketing investment you'll need to acquire them. Take that into account as you set your ad budget. Yes, it will sometimes mean a higher Cost Per Acquisition (CPA), but it also means a healthier bottom line.
If you’d like to stay with CPA or ROAS targets, try this simple change: Create different targets for different customer segments. And set different CPA or ROAS targets based on the average lifetime value of your customer segments.
Success story
Guitar Center wanted to reach specific audiences with its search campaigns. It grouped customers by product category based on past purchases. And within each category, it segmented customers into high- and low-value audiences.Customer Match then helped Guitar Center bid more effectively for high-value shoppers.
The result: A 60% higher click-through rate and 50% higher conversion rate.
Customer-centric marketing gives marketers new ways to find and delight valuable customers. To ensure you acquire more of those customers, change your KPI to long-term profits, understand the value of different customer segments, and bid based on CLV. After all, an individual sale is great, but acquiring high-value, loyal customers will pay off more in the long run.
Nicolas Darveau-Garneau
Chief Search Evangelist at Google
Nicolas Darveau Garneau
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HTTP status codes in different ranges 100,200,300,400,500

Different ranges 
HTTP status codes in different ranges

There are five different ranges of HTTP status codes, defining different aspects of the transaction process between the client and the server.Below you'll find the five ranges and it's main goal: 
1-1xx -Informational 2-2xx-Success 3-3xx-Redirection 4-4xx-Client error 5-5xx-Server error. "yoast"
One more HTTP Status codes are Unofficial codes
Generally HTTP Status codes are well known as  1oo,200,300,400,500
Generally HTTP Status codes are

but those HTTP status codes widely expended and will be expand till now i found HTTP status codes is obtained five digits as from Microsoft , Oracle, IBM ,

10060  12031 12019 12029 12030 2000  30005 30000 (ORACLE) 30000 (IBM) 40000 

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Unnatural attention to Adsense ads

Unnatural attention to Adsense ads directly or indirectly both are strictly prohibited in Adsense , If you do it then your content will be suspend so never do this for your safety.

Adsense Examples of Encouraging accidental clicks

Encouraging accidental clicks directly or indirectly both are strictly prohibited in Adsense , If you do it then your content will be suspend so never do this for your safety.

পথ তিন প্রকার, কিন্তু বলটু কি বলে? শুনে নিন সেটা বলটুর ভাষায়!!!

পথ তিন প্রকার, কিন্তু বলটু কি বলে? শুনে নিন সেটা বলটুর ভাষায়!!!

Crispy Recipes Of Social Media Fake IDs identification and tackle.

We have almost faked social media platform as a result social media became a jungle of Social Media Fake IDs thereafter, we are social and social media is one of the most important part of our planet but unfortunately we are accustomed to misuse this platform, in this sense  I inspired to write Crispy recipes of social media fake IDs identification and tackle.
Crispy Recipes Of Social Media Fake IDs identification and tackle.



Identifying Fake ID-

Cluster Follower and Friend Request
Profile Image: Someone Cute Image,Nude,Symbolic,Religious,Popular Brand Image,
Flattered Profile Description
Duplicate Post- Over Retweeted,Shared,and Copy-Pasted
Like- Never They Like
Comments- They are expert to do this,always fake ID guy comments (vulgar,sexual,spam) here and there for marketer.
Share and Tweet- They never share or re-tweet of an general individual, just they do this from branded and verified (company,individual) content to gain lots of follower
Following-Generally they are not interested to follow someone and they love to Unfollow
Messaging - Fake ID guys never reply with SMS but send SMS with an argue ( help,donate,homeless,)
Material Use-Fake Guy use free and fresh email ID,VPN,Colon Mobile Number,VOIP,Interent SMS,Free Domain etc.
Never Share- Fake Guys are always turn off location service (desktop and mobile)
Fake ID guys never forward or send email (ip trace)
They haven't a unique ID

What not to do even become friends?

Never share case sensitive issues as-
1-Bank Information
2-National Security Number,Passport others relevant govt ID.
3-Mobile Phone Number ( associated with social media )
4-Verified mail address  ( associated with social media )
5-Never Answer which's related with FAVORITE as color,best teacher,best childhood friend,birth place generally those are use for security question and answer.

Handling Fake ID and Complaint -

When someone send you a request (follower or friend) then held up for a few days and check first all of his linked account , if you found similarity with all of account and privacy's are less restricted as friend list, Death of Birth,Member Since,email etc then as a normal practice you can accept on the other hand you may neglect such types of fake ID request and on the platform you can blok and report to content system and when it being continue then i will suggest you to communicate with your law enforcement department.
Contact the ITRC toll-free at (888) 400-5530 
on-the-go with the new IDTheftHelp app for iOS and Android.  

Online Safety -Social Networking UK

Complaintshelp-desk, Bangladesh

Social Networking Canada

Identity Crime, Australia

Here is How to File Complaint Against a Cyber Crime in Pakistan

Social Media Help For Impersonation
Facebook Help
How do I report an account for impersonation?
Twitter Help
Report an account for impersonation.
LinkedIn Help
Reporting Fake Profiles
Instagram Help
Impersonation Accounts
Pinterest Help
Report Something On Pinterest

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