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SEO Fix Up : SEO Audit - Audit Site Manually And Fixup Site Error To Gain Lead

SEO for now and then , SEO for today and tomorrow , SEO for every  moments . We know that Publishers are vein of the web world that the way SEO is the brain of a site or the web world . We can't avoid this . You may see for better understand #Google's #JohnMueller speech .
Good or White hate #SEO example alike a super shop , We know that super shop is a shop which is mostly popular to all and all of the people reach there easily and enjoy shopping comfortably causes it's visibility and it's goods availability , buy, payment,departure all facilities are systematic and properly maintained , no one can complain about a good super shop. You can't hope much more in a day from this , It's not a magic it's like a pencil if you cut then it will be sharp after that you can write well also we can called SEO is a regular work . Search Engine always changing algorithm but why as a human being we are penalising SEO ( black hates SEO )and search engine changing crawl method .
Example of black hats SEO :
Never Do below 8 topics
1-Paid Link
2- Spam Comments
3- Duplicate Content
4- Article Spining
5- Cloaking
6- Doorway Pages
7- Keywords Stuffing
8- Invisible Text
If you follow this eight method you must be banned by search engine so be careful .

 Why Need ?

1-Reach Out Customer
2- Grow Out Of Lead
3- Gain Out Revenue

SEO Audit Tools :
Basically Two type
1-There are vetious type of paid and non paid automated SEO Audit software .
2- Organic SEO Audit which manually done by webmaster or by You .
As a webmaster I Audit your site manually, So why not ask me to audit your site .

Why need an expert for site audit ?
Ans: A single mistake made you unhappy and be banned by search engine , Appropoate dosage is essential and over dosage may kill you.

Combine action of The SEO process

        1) Search Accessibility
 2) Search Indexing
      3) Search Appearance
4) Search Results