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How to write 100% SEO friendly and Google indexable article ?

If you honour search algorithm yet search algorithm will reward you, its true that when you apply fishy technique it's work properly just a few day or few month but you must be caught after that . Seacrxh engine closely monitor our activities every time as a result search engine always changing algorithm depend on our activities like as government policies example people act and government react by implementing new crime against new rule and increasing regular crime . There is no other way to avoid search engine algorithm so I suggest you to forget black hats technique What is Black hat SEO ? When you are writing. 
Avoidable Matter:
1-Black hats SEO technique .
2-Link redirection .
3-Too much non alt tag image.
4-Bad link.
5-Writing more then 1000 words per article.
6-Writing more then160 character tittle .
7- Duplicate article .
8-Using spammy and popup link.
9-Using non trusted link.
Here is prove link article of 100% indexed by google  which written by me about cloud technology.

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