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Audiences are growth hacking fuel of a content and performance metrics of a content as- page bounce rate, staying time on a page, page impressions, page CTR, page RPM, page views, page leaving sections, all of metrics are a part of content analysis and understanding the audience behavior that's why we should follow this audiences impacts on content's growth hacking guide besides on industry leaders provided E-A-T SEO best practice to seeing the viral marketing level of a content also too, boosting content engagement ratio.

I delivered my perception of content experience is "Contents are effective, When it's matter for audiences" on LinkedIn considering the trendy behavior of web audiences and the quality web content, Actually, this predictive SEO quote was the part of SEO Prediction ChecklistWhich one has already enjoyed over 20k+ web audiences. 

So the ultimate choice is understanding the audience behavior. If you can't measure, care or feel your audience's expectation,trends, demand and interest, then there is no hacking option in content marketing or haven't any alternative of content promotion by that's you will dominate the content's growth.

Now, let's hack the audience growth hacking brainstorm, Whether an audience is parallel or non parallel doesn't matter, matter is how are you helping your audiences to reach the goal?       

If you can't explain (help audiences to reach the goal) then permit me to describe the answers at below:
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