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SEOs shouldn't apply where recruiter's highlight blended experiences

SEOs shouldn't apply where recruiter's highlight blended experiences, but why i'm delivering this stupid
speech ? You are curious and obviously you should have if you are real SEOs,By blending lots of experiences in a single SEO post they calculate ROI as a result SEO's spend more time to complete a single tasks but they get less as a result quality work fall into a questionnaire hole as
What Rubbish ? What Donkey? etc.
Stop applying where all in 1 type circular's are mentally imbalance with blended experiences.

Written By

Momenul Ahmad

What Shit ?


Not only In Bangladesh But also overall part of the world  #SEO job mean must have experiences categories are-
#CRM #Ecommerce  #Design #Search #DigitalMarketing  #UX #DigitalProduct #WebDevelopment

Hot Department,Hot Jobs & Hot Salaries

Key Department related post category-                           Salary Range      Region (default UK)

CRM Analyst                                                                   35k
CRM Executive                                                                30k
CRM Manager                                                                 45k
CRM Exec                                                                       30k
Email Marketing Manager                                               45k

Ecommerce Digital Exec                                                 30k
Online Merchandising Manager                                      45k

Online Trading Manager                                                 50k

Design  Design 
Digital Designer                                                              27k
Senior Designer                                                              45k
Senior Digital Designer                                                   70k

Search Search 
Head of Acquisition                                                         80k
PPC Exec                                                                        30k
SEO Manager                                                                 45k
Senior SEO Manager                                                      50k

Digital Marketing 
Account Director                                                              50k
Digital Content Creator 
Digital Marketing Coordinator                                          35k
Digital Marketing Executive                                              27k
Head of Performance Marketing 
Online Marketing Manager                                              50k

Digital Product Manager 

UX Designer                                                                    45

Digital Product
QC of Product                                                                 
Product Manager                                                            50k
Product Exec
Product Supervisor 

Web Development 
Enterprise Architect                                                        75k
Front End Developer                                                      55k
Full Stack Developer                                                      60k
IT Support Engineer                                                       35k

Junior Web Developer                                                    25k
Lead Developer                                                              55k
Senior Developer                                                            65k
Senior Java J2EE Developer                                           75k
Technical and User Support                                            25k

all salaries can be different by region,company type and depend on others facilities.

Where every hashtag-ed keywords are divided by more then 5 & 6 functions in this situation if an employer hire an employee to do SEO then out comes of aim will be zero and that hire SEOs will be treat as a USELESS.


SUGGEST TO SEOs shouldn't apply where recruiter's highlight blended experiences.

"SEO is the job of team work when it's a company tasks"          

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What should I do before launch and success a webinar ?

Wait-Wait-Wait don't hurry before launch and success a webinar you have to act as a wisely if you launch a webinar at the first attempt then it obviously will be go down instead of being successful.What should I do before launch a webinar and success a webinar must consider below mentioned all of things and one is the most essential fact is Eye Catching Tittle of the specific webinar and second one is promotion image and background video should be powerful and expressive .

Written By

Momenul Ahmad

SEO Fix Up Facebook Post
about A self improvement voting ask by leading marketing software company last 19hrs ago they asked on their Facebook Page
What time for a webinar works best for you?

Where i deliver a suggestive comment and fortunately the comment is liked by SEMrush

Who is SEMrush?
SEMrush is the leading marketing software used by 850 000 professionals worldwide to supercharge their SEO, PPC, content and social media activities.

What was the comment?

Not a specific time work best to success a webinar to achieved webinar goal must consider this four steps along with some gifts

1st-Time Zone Targeting 
2nd-24 hour's on the air 
3rd- Hiring Local Host (language) 
4th-Using mostly uses platform

Best Webinar, Conferencing Software: ( Google Organic Search Result)

Google Hangouts
Adobe Connect
Team Viewer
Microsoft Office Live Meeting
IBM Connections Meetings Cloud


Open Meetings

Why is my comment likable ?

Ans:They have got an idea
I hope if you read it carefully also you will be success at your first launch of your webinar.

To success a webinar, Made a survey as above and divided audience by group :
1- Age Group
2- Sex Group
3- Region Group ( demography )
4- Interest Group

Another way of getting idea is publishing one short post all of channel include media giphy and media video, after posting this look up eyes on this and calculate the metrics as :
Where from?
Who are?
What they want?
What keywords or keywords phrases were perfect?

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Top 10 Free CMS Integrated Analytics Tools Which Able To Bet Premium

There are many Analytics tools in this Analytical internet or web world but here are 10 top free CMS Integrated Analytics tools which's are trusted over all of you .You , I and We usually use all of platform but unfortunately we don't know, how to use them to bet a Premium Analysis tools?

Written By
Momenul Ahmad
SEO Fix Up YouTube Channel Analytics
SEO Fix Up YouTube Channel Analytics  

SEO Fix Up YouTube Channel Analytics
SEO Fix Up YouTube Channel Analytics  
SEO Fix Up YouTube Channel Analytics
SEO Fix Up YouTube Channel Analytics  

To use this free analytical tools as a premium tools you have to collect data from all over the sources and structure those data into a spreadsheet and grouping them by category as:
6-Total Clicks
9-Platforms/Devices etc (as your own)

Calculate the total sum of your channels data then apply this grand total shorted data to generate leads.
If you think it's not your job then I have a solution for you .

Google My Business Analytics
Follow Me On Google Plus
How customers search for your business
Direct-Customers who find your listing by searching for your business name or address.

Discovery - Customers who find your listing by searching for a category,product or services.

Business with recent photos typically receive more clicks to their websites.
Listing On Search
Listing On Maps
Visit Your Websites
Request Directions
Call You
Photo Views
Photo Quantity .

YouTube Analytics
Subscribe SEO Fix Up On YouTube
Overview, Real Time, Revenue Reports, Revenue, Ad Rates, Watch Time Reports, Watch Time, Audience Retention, Demographics, Playback Locations, Traffic Sources, Devices, Translations [NEW],Engagement Reports,Subscribers,Likes and Dislikes,Videos In Playlists, Comments, Sharing, Annotations, Cards.

Google URL Shortener OR to access go to Google URL Shortener click on three dot right side on short URL .

Total Clicks, Referrers, Browsers, Countries, Platforms/Devices.

Google Feedburner Analytics

Features:Subscribers (importable email list source),Item Use,Map Overlay,Uncommon Uses.
Updates, Preview, Date, Audience, Sponsored,Impression, Clicks, Interactions, Followers Acquired, Engagement
Reach: Impression
            Unique - Organic.
Engagement: Clicks, Likes, Comments, Shares, Followers Acquired, Engagement.
Follower Demographics : Seniority, Industry, Company Size, Function, Employee , Follower Trends.
How You Compare
Visitors: Page View Overview 
              : Unique Visitors Overview
Visitor Demographics: Seniority, Industry, Company Size, Function, Employee , Follower Trends.

Slideshare Analytics full or single video insights

Another Sources - Instagram,Pinterest,Blogger,Wordpress

Twitter Analytics
Follow Me On Twitter

Features By Tweets:

Tweets [top tweet], Tweets Impressions,Engagements, Engagement Rate, Profile Visits, Mentions [top mention], Followers [top follower], Top Media Tweet,Link Click, Re tweets, Likes, Replies.

Features By Audiences:
Top Interest
Top Language
Top Lifestyle Type
Top Buying Style
Top Wireless Carrier .

Gender,Household Income Categories,Occupation,Marital Status,Education,Home Ownership.

One Of My Post Of Twitter Analytics

Medium Analytics :
Follow Me On Medium
Views,Reads,Recommends Article status of 30 days and to get additional post reach fixed courser on view counter next raw of post title something like 0+5 [ '0'  views on medium and '5' is  Additional views from RSS readers, Facebook Instant Article, and AMP. These views do not factor into read ratio.

Facebook Analytical For Apps:
Like,Comments & Share On facebook -
Overview,Activity,People,Push Campaigns ,Facebook Platform : All key feature includes multiple options 

Page Insights :
Overview,Promos,Likes,Reach,Page Views,Action On Page,Posts,Events,Videos,People,Local,Messages
Call To Action Units In Instant Article,Competitors Page Lookup 

Domain Insights:Starting on May 2, 2017, the Domain Insights dashboard and API will no longer be available. You can now use Facebook Analytics for Apps to see referral traffic to your website and demographics of visitors. Learn more and get set up. Analytics  :
Overview,Impact,Papers, CV[PAID],Countries,Keywords,External Links,User Activity, Searches-Academia suggested your paper in 30 search results,Traffic Overview.

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8 Powerful Phrases That Will Increase Your Influence [Infographic]

Written by | @


Charisma is hard to define -- but when someone has charisma, it’s obvious. Charismatic salespeople have a significant advantage over their competition, since prospects are far likelier to engage with them, respect their guidance, and listen to their pitch. 

One of the simplest ways to become more charismatic is changing your vocabulary. The following phrases are are powerful in isolation; use them together, and their effects will be even stronger.

Click here to jump straight to the infographic version we created with 24Slides.

1) “Tell me more.”

Traditional sales calls can feel like interrogations if you’re not careful. Charismatic salespeople avoid this issue by responding to their prospects with phrases like:
  • “Tell me more.”
  • “I see.”
  • “Go on.”
These simple, neutral replies show the rep is listening and encourages the buyer to open up. They also avoid prompting the buyer to give a certain response, unlike leading questions such as, “Do you think that strategy is working?”

2) “It’s like … ”; “It’s as though … ”

There’s a reason writers rely on similes, metaphors, and analogies: These devices make your pitch more memorable and engaging.
See the difference:
Before: “Our tool helps you find and connect with passive candidates approximately three months before they start looking for a job.”
After: “Our tool helps you find and connect with passive candidates approximately three months before they start looking for a job. It’s like you’re starting a marathon an hour before the next racer.”
Coming up with a great figure of speech on the spot is hard to do, so once you find some that work, keep using them.

3) “No”; “yes”

Charisma and confidence go hand-in-hand. Next time you’re answering a close-ended question, fight the urge to over-explain: Simply saying “yes” or “no” will make you seem far more sure of yourself.
If your prospect wants more information, they’ll request it. This subtly puts you in a position of power. Furthermore, you’ll avoid rambling -- which tends to lessen your charisma.
Here’s an example of this tactic:
Prospect: “Do you service the Midwest?”
Rep: “Yes.”
Prospect: “Great, how many distribution centers do you have in the region?”
Rep: “Three.”

4) “One of my customers … ”

Storytelling and charisma go hand-in-hand. People are usually most spell-bound when they’re absorbing a story, whether it’s a TV show, podcast, movie, play, book, or speech.
That’s why customer case studies have enormous power in the sales process. Use them to bring the value of your product to life for your prospects and show them how similar they are to its current users.
Narratives from your personal experience can also amp up your charisma (although be careful to maintain professionalism).
For example, if the buyer is struggling with his business’s payroll system, you might tell a humorous story about the time your former company’s system crashed right before taxes were due.
Not only will you win credibility, you’ll liven up the call.

5) “I’m excited about … ”

Charismatic people show their emotions “spontaneously and genuinely,” according to Ronald E. Riggio, author of "The Charisma Quotient: What It Is, How to Get It, How to Use It."
Others naturally pick up on those feelings, which makes them feel closer to the charismatic person and more comfortable expressing their own feelings.
With that in mind, share your emotions -- both positive and negative. When you’re enthusiastic about an opportunity for the buyer, say, “I’m excited about the chance you have to do X … ”
And when they give you a dismaying piece of news, say, “I’m disappointed to hear Y … ” or “It upsets me that … ”
Just make sure you don’t go too far: If you’re always mentioning how you feel or claiming to feel things you don’t, you’ll come across as unprofessional or inauthentic.

6) “To recap … ”

Repetition is a powerful device. Unsurprisingly, people better remember information the more often they hear it. Less intuitively, they’re also likelier to believe it.
If you have a specific fact or argument you really want to drive home, try saying it at the beginning and end of your sales call.
To give you an idea, you might say at the start: “The right Applicant Tracking System (ATS) will improve virtually every aspect of your hiring results.”
You’d end the call with, “To recap, implementing an ATS will improve your company’s hiring efforts across the board.”


 7) “Imagine … ”

Charismatic salespeople use hypothetical situations -- especially ones that place the buyer front-and-center -- to captivate and convince their audience.
For instance, a rep might ask her prospect to imagine a world where she meets her objectives in half the time. He’ll immediately want to reach this future state -- making him more receptive to her pitch.
“Suppose,” “pretend,” “what if … ”and “envision” are also strong options for creating a vision in the buyer’s mind.

8) “Great question, I’m glad you asked.”

A rep with lots of charisma typically welcomes her prospects’ questions. She knows the safer the buyer feels asking for information or clarifying a detail, the likelier he is to trust her.
As an added benefit, this response subtly boosts her prospect’s ego. Who doesn’t like coming up with an insightful question?
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YouTube Red Originals available locations

Here are some good folks except you , I miss you really so why you not there ?

Stay Tune- Next Article : #CMS Integrated #Analytical

How To Add Author Popover Bio,Personal Branding Link Below Post Title Or...

Apple Introducied iPhone 7 (PRODUCT)RED Special Edition.

How to show twitter logo on YouTube channel Link

#SEO Surf site periodically and test post #link join with me on twitter for what others say?

Optimize your mobile site with a responsive Adsense ad unit.

Copy this code and paste it on your ads section,after pasting change following red marked ad size [if need] and must add your approved Adsense ID and Ad slot ID to optimize mobile site with a responsive ad unit.

Written By
Momenul Ahmad

3-Noticeable Fact:

1-Specify a default ad size Here, we've [google] specified the default size to be 300x250.

2-Adjust ad size based on viewer's screen size Here, when users view ads from screen sizes over 340px in width ,the higher performing 336x280 ads will show.

3-Insert publisher ID and ad slot ID Insert your publisher ID,starting from "ca-pub-", as well as the ad slot ID of the responsive unit you've created.

Why should I do this?
Ans:By switching to responsive ad units, you can expect an increase in CTR and RPM.

CTR=Click Through Rate.
RPM=Revenue Per Thousand Impressions.

<style type="text/css">
.adslot_1 { width: 300px; height: 250px; }
@media (min-width:340px) { .adslot_1 { width: 336px; height: 280px; } }
 <ins class="adsbygoogle adslot_1" data-ad-client="ca-pub-1234" data-ad-slot="5678" style="display: inline-block;"></ins><script async="" src="//">
<script>(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});</script></div><style type="text/css">
.adslot_1 { width: 300px; height: 250px; }
@media (min-width:340px) { .adslot_1 { width: 336px; height: 280px; } }

100% safe bellow ads structure is same and ads code modified by google so don't be panic 

Subject Topic Image Source: Google

Optimize your mobile site with a responsive Adsense CSS ad unit

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