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Top 10 Free CMS Integrated Analytics Tools Which Able To Bet Premium

There are many Analytics tools in this Analytical internet or web world but here are 10 top free CMS Integrated Analytics tools which's are trusted over all of you .You , I and We usually use all of platform but unfortunately we don't know, how to use them to bet a Premium Analysis tools?

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Momenul Ahmad
SEO Fix Up YouTube Channel Analytics
SEO Fix Up YouTube Channel Analytics  

SEO Fix Up YouTube Channel Analytics
SEO Fix Up YouTube Channel Analytics  
SEO Fix Up YouTube Channel Analytics
SEO Fix Up YouTube Channel Analytics  

To use this free analytical tools as a premium tools you have to collect data from all over the sources and structure those data into a spreadsheet and grouping them by category as:
6-Total Clicks
9-Platforms/Devices etc (as your own)

Calculate the total sum of your channels data then apply this grand total shorted data to generate leads.
If you think it's not your job then I have a solution for you .

Google My Business Analytics
Follow Me On Google Plus
How customers search for your business
Direct-Customers who find your listing by searching for your business name or address.

Discovery - Customers who find your listing by searching for a category,product or services.

Business with recent photos typically receive more clicks to their websites.
Listing On Search
Listing On Maps
Visit Your Websites
Request Directions
Call You
Photo Views
Photo Quantity .

YouTube Analytics
Subscribe SEO Fix Up On YouTube
Overview, Real Time, Revenue Reports, Revenue, Ad Rates, Watch Time Reports, Watch Time, Audience Retention, Demographics, Playback Locations, Traffic Sources, Devices, Translations [NEW],Engagement Reports,Subscribers,Likes and Dislikes,Videos In Playlists, Comments, Sharing, Annotations, Cards.

Google URL Shortener OR to access go to Google URL Shortener click on three dot right side on short URL .

Total Clicks, Referrers, Browsers, Countries, Platforms/Devices.

Google Feedburner Analytics

Features:Subscribers (importable email list source),Item Use,Map Overlay,Uncommon Uses.
Updates, Preview, Date, Audience, Sponsored,Impression, Clicks, Interactions, Followers Acquired, Engagement
Reach: Impression
            Unique - Organic.
Engagement: Clicks, Likes, Comments, Shares, Followers Acquired, Engagement.
Follower Demographics : Seniority, Industry, Company Size, Function, Employee , Follower Trends.
How You Compare
Visitors: Page View Overview 
              : Unique Visitors Overview
Visitor Demographics: Seniority, Industry, Company Size, Function, Employee , Follower Trends.

Slideshare Analytics full or single video insights

Another Sources - Instagram,Pinterest,Blogger,Wordpress

Twitter Analytics
Follow Me On Twitter

Features By Tweets:

Tweets [top tweet], Tweets Impressions,Engagements, Engagement Rate, Profile Visits, Mentions [top mention], Followers [top follower], Top Media Tweet,Link Click, Re tweets, Likes, Replies.

Features By Audiences:
Top Interest
Top Language
Top Lifestyle Type
Top Buying Style
Top Wireless Carrier .

Gender,Household Income Categories,Occupation,Marital Status,Education,Home Ownership.

One Of My Post Of Twitter Analytics

Medium Analytics :
Follow Me On Medium
Views,Reads,Recommends Article status of 30 days and to get additional post reach fixed courser on view counter next raw of post title something like 0+5 [ '0'  views on medium and '5' is  Additional views from RSS readers, Facebook Instant Article, and AMP. These views do not factor into read ratio.

Facebook Analytical For Apps:
Like,Comments & Share On facebook -
Overview,Activity,People,Push Campaigns ,Facebook Platform : All key feature includes multiple options 

Page Insights :
Overview,Promos,Likes,Reach,Page Views,Action On Page,Posts,Events,Videos,People,Local,Messages
Call To Action Units In Instant Article,Competitors Page Lookup 

Domain Insights:Starting on May 2, 2017, the Domain Insights dashboard and API will no longer be available. You can now use Facebook Analytics for Apps to see referral traffic to your website and demographics of visitors. Learn more and get set up. Analytics  :
Overview,Impact,Papers, CV[PAID],Countries,Keywords,External Links,User Activity, Searches-Academia suggested your paper in 30 search results,Traffic Overview.

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