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Cell Phone Cases, Covers & Skins

  1. Seeds of Doubt
    The New Yorker

    Few technologies, not the car, the phone, or even the computer, have been ... the area they cover has increased a hundredfold—from 1.7 million hectares to ..... not respond, however, because he was too busy talking on his cell phone. ... In most cases, they will produce offspring that are still susceptible.
  2. Missouri Congressmen Meeting With Defense Secretary Hagel To Talk Police Militarization
    Huffington Post

    Cell phone video contradicts the police department's earlier assertion that Powell had a knife raised and was three or four feet from the officers.
  3. The lady vanishes: NJ native's cold case lead ends in Death Valley

    Then, two years ago this month, authorities got a belated hit on skin DNA ... But police say a call he made from his cellphone to an acquaintance that ...
  4. Jurors hear closing arguments in Wafer fatal porch shooting trial
    Detroit Free Press

    Wafer's case went to a jury made up of 7 men and 5 women late this morning. ... ““How 'bout trying to save his own skin?” Muscat said. Wafer, who doesn't have a landline, testified that he couldn't find his cell phone before he shot.
  5. Steven M. Sipple: NU defenders' swagger reflects comfort in system
    Lincoln Journal Star

    ... unit often looked lost, alarmingly so at times, as was the case in a 41-21 loss to UCLA. ... True freshman safety Kieron Williams, making a strong bid to play this season, constantly calls Cooper's cellphone for tips. ... That gets under the offensive guys' skin a little bit because he only knows one speed, ...
  6. Review Faults Fort Worth Police in Racial Incidents
    NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

    In one case, an officer assigned to the traffic division was "repeatedly subjected ... questioned, and ordered to turn over his personal cell phone for inspection. ... and retaliated against simply because of their skin color," the chief said.
  7. How To Bulletproof Your Reputation In The Digital Age

    “I date younger men… Predominantly men in their twenties… And when I date younger men, I have sex with younger men,” Cindy Gallop shared ...
  8. ACLU Calls for Investigation into Patino Murder Case

    "We recognize that this criminal case is ongoing, and therefore an ... Had the cell phone evidence been thrown out, so would Patino's reported admission. ... yet wise stewardship might suggest the use of the old skins until they burst.
  9. Sweat-Powered Batteries Can Be Tattooed on Your Arm

    However, there has never been a skin-level sensor for this. ... cathode, which, in the case of this design, are printed on tattoo transfer paper. ... team has submitted “on using biofuel cells in textiles, [specifically] underwear. ... your smelly, drenched running shorts may help charge your phone post-workout, ...
  10. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 release date, price and specs UK: Ultrasonic cover to aid the visually ...
    PC Advisor

    An Ultrasonic cover will also be available to aid the visually impaired. ... Also see: What's the best Android phone 2014? ... display version will be a premium version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 with a metal case. ... (UV) radiation and prevent users from damaging their skin, ageing it prematurely, and ...
  11. Balboa Park Sex Assault Case Declared Mistrial
    NBC 7 San Diego

    A judge has declared a mistrial in the case of a man accused of trying to ... attack told jurors he wasn't trying to rape a woman but trying to steal her phone. ... court he attacked her not to sexually assault her, but to steal her cell phone.
  12. Add iPads to the rash of mobile devices implicated in allergic contact dermatitis

    Over the past few years, the ubiquitous rise in cell phone use has led to a ... leading to the diagnosis of “cellular phone dermatitis” or “mobile phone ... has so far been spared cases of skin irritation that recalled the Fitbit Force2,3.
  13. Online retailers get personal with shopping data
    Minneapolis Star Tribune

    People using Birchbox tell the company their skin color, hair type, age and ... and even in-store beacons that communicate with a shopper's cellphone ... rewards and even, in the case of Urban Outfitters, a streaming radio station.
  14. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 release date, price and specs UK
    PC Advisor

    An Ultrasonic cover will also be available to aid the visually impaired. ... has published the above concept images. ... will be a premium version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 with a metal case. ... (UV) radiation and prevent users from damaging their skin, ageing it prematurely, and ...
  15. We're Close to Getting Mind-Reading Computers
    Yahoo Tech

    Using a game-like mobile app called Calm, it measures your brain waves and ... small electrical signals emanating from the gray matter through the skin. ... want to shut it off (but be sure to have an empty pitcher handy, just in case).
  16. Ex-Leesburg cop not guilty of sexual assault
    Daily Commercial

    Skins cells of at least three people found in the crotch area of Larue's ... LaRue also had told a dispatcher through their cell phones – before the ... “I believed he was guilty and the jury should have decided the case,” Buxman said.
  17. The Case for Being More Uncivilized
    Outside Magazine

    When Tyson picks up the phone, I tell him I'm wondering about hiking into Wolverine Meadow later this morning, in the Three Sisters—partly out of ...
  18. Elkhart entrepreneur John Webber carves out a name for himself in the business world
    The Elkhart Truth

    ... factory-direct outdoor furniture online; and his most recent creation, Carved, which makes wooden cellphone cases and skins and sells them online.
  19. Google goes DARPA

    ... with cellphone innovation but that had lost its way in the smartphone era. ... the company insisted on covering the Post-its on the walls with blank ones. .... As it is with most research groups, the business case for ATAP projects—or, .... “As an artist, I got to live in the skin of those characters,” Keane says.
  20. Part one: A virologist's tale of Africa's first encounter with Ebola
    Science Now

    We bustled nervously around the mice and checked our cell cultures four times .... felt his scorn was connected to skin color or social class—only to stupidity. .... with a message: I should urgently contact a phone number in Brussels.