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iPhone 5

iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C Pre Orders In China Are Underwhelming Thus Far
Headlines & Global News
"We think China Mobile's pre-orders for Apple's iPhone 5S/5C reached about 100K (with contract) in the first two days since pre-orders started, compared with 120K pre-orders from China Unicom (CHU) and 150K pre-orders from China Telecom (CHA) back ...
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iPhone 5S vs. Galaxy S4 Mini
iPhone 5S How many of you received a new smart phone for Christmas? Just raise your hand. Hmm. Quite a few I see. How do you like it? What don't you like? Feel free to chime in with your comments. I've played around with a lot of devices and have ...
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From iPhone 5s to Nexus 5: Top 5 smartphones of 2013
iPhone 5s: If there was one phone that managed to create the biggest buzz this year, it was the iPhone 5s. The rumour mills were going crazy about what Apple would offer with this new phone and the company didn't disappoint. While Apple didn't go for a ...
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Unlock iPhone 5S,4S iOS 7.0.4 Released on Twitter
If you've never tried to jailbreak your iPhone or iPad, then there's a whole world of tweaks and add-ons that await you. Despite misinformed accounts, jailbreaking will not void your warranty and it's simple to uninstall a jailbreak too – you just ...
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Fitbit iPhone 5s update teases wearable data without the band
You'll be seeing basic data with the help of what Fitbit doesn't directly suggest is theiPhone 5s's M7 motion co-processor, but gives a bit wink towards nonetheless. This move allows users to get in on and get a taste for the Fitbit universe without ...
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Apple's iPhone 5S still has plenty of room for applause
Gainesville Sun
Every great performance ends with the audience cheering for an encore. Despite a decade of innovation so revolutionary it changed all of our lives seemingly overnight, Apple went into 2013 facing criticism that it could not keep up the pace and was ...
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Apple iPhone 5s slashed to $124.99, iPhone 5c now free at Best Buy
iTech Post
Even though the holiday season is winding down, Best Buy is still in the mood and is offering the iPhone 5s for $124.99 and iPhone 5c for free with a new 2-year contract. Ever since Apple released both its flagship iPhone 5s and colorful iPhone 5c in ...
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Unique Unlock iPhone 5, 5S, 4S With Jailbreak Solution
Millions of iPhone 5 owners, whose devices are locked to mobile carriers, dream about getting permanent factory unlock. There is the most reliable iphone 5 IMEI unlock service on AT&T that will unlock iphone 4,4s,5,5c and the iphone 5s provided by ...
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iOS 7.0.4 Jailbreak iPhone 5S/5C Dedicated Platform, Highly Professional Solution
iPhone is a highly advanced Smartphone from Apple CorporationThis Smartphone is loaded with several incredible hardware features thanks to the new Trusted Professional Jailbreak for iOS 7.0.4 untethered, specification and functionalityThe iPhone 5C ...
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iPhone 5S/4S iOS 7.0.3 Untethered Jailbreak Download Available Now For ...
The team has updated its famed tool to jailbreak/unlock iPhone 5,4S,4,3GS iOS 7.0.3/7.0.2/6.1.3/6.1.4 with improved boot times. Some users were finding the post-jailbreak boot time was considerably longer than it should have been ...
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